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Inquiring minds want to know. . .

How much does it cost me to use Fleet Auto Buyers?
Our Certified Fleet Pricing is 0 Cost to you - we are paid a Broker Fee by the Selling Dealer.

Doesn't it cost me more if the Dealer has to pay a Broker Fee?
No! The Dealer can sell you the car for much less because they don't have to pay all of the Sales Commissions & Finance Commissions normally associated with a Non-Brokered Sale. They also don't have to maintain the high Gross Profit Average that the Retail Sales Department must maintain.

How do Dealers advertise cars for sale at prices so low - they must be losing money - are those deals "too good to be true"?
Usually the "One at this Price" or "Two to choose from" Ads are "Loss Leaders" - cars advertised at a loss to attract a large number of Prospective Buyers. Dealers will try to put profit back into the Deal in many other ways. Because we are not the Selling Dealer and we never make a profit on the Financing or Warranties - we will look at the Big Picture - Selling Price, Financing, Trade-in Allowance, Accessories, etc - & negotiate for you a GREAT DEAL - not just a GREAT PRICE.

The Mercedes Dealer advertises free Latte's and Free Car Washes if I buy the car from him - can I still get those Perks?
Yes! Any Perks the Selling Dealer normally offers will still be available to you - in fact you might get some extras for choosing Fleet Auto Buyers! Don't forget to ask us about our Loyalty & Referral Program.

Do you take Trade-Ins?
Absolutely! One of the advantages of having the Fleet Auto Buyers Team on your side is that we will get bids from several Dealers for a Trade Allowance - but wait - there's more! We will also offer you the option of selling your car for you at Auction. We will also discuss selling your car for you on Consignment & Advise you on what to expect if you want to sell your car on your own. We are always happy to offer tips on selling your car for Top Dollar through a Private Party Transaction.

What about Factory Incentives and 0% Financing?
Not only will you receive any Advertised Factory Cash and Special Finance Rates ( when available - OAC ), Fleet Auto Buyers will also utilize unpublished Factory to Dealer Incentives that you are probably not aware of to get you even better pricing than you thought possible!

My Credit Score is not perfect - can you still get me a Loan?
Yes - Fleet Auto Buyers will work on your behalf to find the best finance options available to you in whatever your Credit Situation may be. We will never take advantage of your Credit Situation by charging you higher Rates and making profit on the Finance Reserve.

So what are you going to do with all of the $$ you SAVE? Spend it enjoying all of the TIME you SAVE!